Social Media: 20 Tipps aus den USA

17 04 2010

Es ist eine FaustregelSocial Icons  Image: Technik-/Web-Trends aus den USA erreichen uns meist mit mehrjähriger Verspätung. Eine Beobachtung der amerikanischen Entwicklung kann uns so in vielen Fällen einen entscheidenden Startvorteil bringen. Viele Fehler, die wir erst machen, haben die USA schon hinter sich, viele Ideen bereits ausprobiert. Und so bringt „Mashable“ zum Wochenende einen ganz interessanten Überblick mit wichtigen Tipps für den Umgang mit dem Web 2.0 (Englischkenntnisse natürlich Voraussetzung):

# Why Banning Social Media Often Backfires

Whether in schools, the workplace, or by governmental decree, the effects of banning social media are usually the same — people work extra hard to get around it, and often succeed. This post discusses why resources are better spent fostering constructive social network use.

# HOW TO: Prevent and Report Online Stalking

When so much of our day-to-day lives are lived online, the threat of online stalking is an important concern. Here are some easy ways to prevent it from happening, and to report it if you feel you may be a victim.

# 5 Ways to Reduce Social Media Distractions and Be More Productive

Even the casual social media user lives in a world of constant inbox and feed bombardment. Here are some tips on avoiding the “reactionary” workflow, and taking charge of your social productivity.

# HOW TO: Maximize Your Content’s Reach on the Social Web

For online publishers, it’s no longer a one-destination world. To compete on the social web, content producers need to target their audience’s streams across a variety of networks. This post outlines some important strategies.

# HOW TO: Boost Your SEO with a YouTube Channel

While many still focus on the content of their websites, YouTube is an excellent way to push your brand to the top of search results. Check out these tips for maximizing video SEO and driving traffic from your YouTube channel.

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